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 The Legacee Kares truck envisions converting and refinishing a food truck into a mobile clothing store. The purpose is to provide mobile services to job seeking underprivileged and/or homeless youth, and young adults. Services that will eliminate all foreseen personal obstacles in the interview process faced by the interviewee such as, but not limited to attire. Individuals will have access to all of our Resources (ie. Resume building skills, job interviewing skills, job training, housing, food, etc)
As of September 2016, New York City has reported 61,931 homeless people which includes 24,138 young people. Some of which are not able to enter the workforce and contribute to our economy effectively because of lack of resources. These statistics are a call to action to us, and with the Legacee Kares initiative we will increase the number of those prepared to enter the job force.
We need to raise $35,000 for this project. Thank you for supporting underpriviledged youth.
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